Reconstruction of Quinnipiac Avenue



New Quinnipiac Avenue Picture

After several years of detailed planning and design, Reconstruction of Quinnipiac Avenue is complete.

Engineering was led by the City of New Haven’s Engineering Department and carried out by the City’s in house staff and outside consultants. What you see built in the field is the product of strong collaboration between residents and the City and a project created through an open design process. It is the City’s mission and goal to keep residents and other parties interested in the project informed and to provide a convenient means for receiving comment and feedback about the project.

The work was carried out under two separate contracts. Phase I began in April of 2010 and Phase II began in the summer of 2010.

Any comments/suggestions e-mail or contact the City of New Haven or URS Corporation at 500 Enterprise Drive, Suite 3B, Rock Hill, CT 06067.